Short Messaging Service

Promotional Messages and Transaction Alerts can be processed via Liveair SMS Gateway connected to more than 180 Operators Globally. Live Air Platform allowed marketers and programers to connect and use the services

Enterprise Mobile Solutions

Out Bound Voice Calls

Bulk Voice Calls is found to extremely useful in customer communication in rural areas and seen as an alternative to text message marketing.

Digital Spend Optimiser

A Mix of Cloud Telephony, Advanced URL Tracking, DSO will allow mobile numbers across mobile applications and also track responses, re target the users, also provide Detailed Marketing analytics and enable your organisation to spend on the right Channel



LIVEAIR : Your Trusted Partner In Enterprise Mobility Solutions.

In a country where there is 70% mobile Penetration and 19% Internet Penetration, They say that Digital India is mobile driven and India is the 4th largest market for smartphone globally as per GSMA. With More and more subscribers adapting to Smart Phones The need for right Technology Partner in Enterprise Mobility Solutions is more essential in a highly competitive Small and Medium Enterprise business segment.

Our Team of Industry Experts has been working closely with Enterprises and asserts the need for providing Quality and Trusted Service for our customers. ever you wanted to add the edge of mobility to your business then why wait? Talk to us !. Our Customized Solutions for your communication needs will surely give an edge.

  • Automated Ticketing System for support
  • Dedicated SPOC
  • Technical Assistance for Integration.
  • Database Support*
  • Easy Billing and Invoices
  • Fully Integrated Chat support.
  • TRAI compliances
  • Instant Setup and Activation
  • No Monthly Rent
  • Cloud Computing



SMS is the oldest and most widely accepted mode of messaging service available in Mobile Medium. SMS is platform independent and works on situations where the Internet connection is limited as well.
WEB SMS has been quite a revolution in the field of mobile marketing and applications that can send SMS through Internet gained popularity during the last decade of mobile evolution, Send SMS from pc using offline systems such as GSM modems.
The service quality of BULK SMS Service largely depend on the last mile connectivity established by Mobile Operators and Sending SMS through Internet is widely regarded as the most stable form of BULK SMS.

  • Promotional BULK SMS
  • Promotional BULK SMS are most commonly used Mobile Marketing Techniques which emerged out of the last decade of mobile revolution, In India the Sender ID is locked with reference to TRAI Regulation and customer preference was introduced in the year 2012. Accordingly the Sender ID For promotional SMS is bound to be a SIX digit numeric code, which represents the Telemarketer and the target audience to which the SMS is submitted into. As Per the TRAI regulations a telemarketer is not allowed to SEND SMS to Mobile Subscribers who are registered in DND category.

  • Transactional BULK SMS
  • Enterprises mostly use Transactional BULK SMS for communicating with their target customer base on a regular basis, this can include alert services from Educational Institutions, Hospitals, service stations and other areas refer: FAQ for More on Applications of BULK SMS. Transactional BULK SMS is sent using a SIX character Alphabetic Sender ID that Represents the Organization that sends out messages. Transactional messages can be sent to all mobile numbers, but need to ensure that the subscriber is opted in to receive the SMS.

  • Global BULK SMS
  • Live air platform rides on SMPP based systems connected to multiple operators with multiple routing logics applied to achieve least cost routing. Using the Live Air Platform you can send SMS Via Internet, using the global BULK SMS option Enterprises can send SMS to more than 180 countries that covers more than 500 Networks globally, Now Connect to mobile subscribers globally using Live Air.

Options for Sending BULK SMS

  • Simple BULK SMS
  • Using the simple compose SMS option available in the Panel, Enterprises can send Messages to their targeted customers, the Subscriber base can be uploaded as group and SMS can be Terminated to them using group SMS feature.

  • Customized BULK SMS
  • To Send Customized SMS to each and every customers, Live Air Platform Provides Dynamic SMS Option, using this one can upload the mobile number along with Names from an excel sheet and customized Messages can be Sent to those mobile Numbers.

  • Sending BULK SMS using File Upload
  • If the enterprise needs get custom generated files for Sending SMS from an external application, these files can be uploaded in the Live Air Platform in CSV format and can start submitting the messages at a fast pace. This is the most common method for sending BULK SMS.

  • Live Air provides Premium SMS supported with SMS API’s so that you integrate your applications such as CRM and ERP solutions. Similarly Any Third Party Applications can be integrated with Live Air Platform Using its Robust HTTP/XML API’s. It is Simple and can be called using any programing language. Team Live Air will assist you during the coarse of integration.

Long Codes

Two way messaging is used to add the edge of interactivity to your mobile campaign. Using long codes it becomes easy for subscribers to respond to your marketing campaigns using their mobile Phones and this can be used globally as any one can send SMS to global virtual numbers.

  • Dedicated Long Code
  • Dedicated Long code is given to customers who are looking has multiple response points or multiple keywords are configured on a same number and different types of campaigns can be done using dedicated long code. A Global Virtual Mobile Number will be assigned to the user and there is a provision for adding unlimited keywords on to the Dedicated Long code. The Dedicated number is taken on rent and will be solely used by the customer as such. Live Air Provides the choice of Numbers and also can configure any number of Dedicated Long codes on to the live air Platform.

  • Shared Long Code
  • In shared Long Codes, The same Virtual Number will be used by multiple Enterprises and all of them have different keywords, the messages coming with keywords can be identified to an user and will be enlisted in his user account at live air.

Short Codes

Short codes are 5 or 6 digit Numbers capable of receiving TEXT messages Originating from mobile phones, this is easy to remember and there is any auto response associated with each incoming SMS on a short code. For Sending SMS into Short Codes Premium operator Charges are applicable from the Mobile Operators and Short Codes are country specific.

Miss Call Services

Miss Call Services has emerged as a New Means of Lead generation apart from, Short codes and Long Codes and is regarded as one of the highly responsive lead generation Mechanism. Enterprises In Live Air Platform can choose the Number of their choice and use that for Miss Call Services.

BULK SMS Application

Live air SMS Application Software connects to open source SMS Gateway Software, Kannel via SMPP Protocol, which is the most popular and tested to the core SMS Gateway. The SMS Server and SMPP server is currently distributed in a Cluster of Server Networks connected to SMPP gateway Server using tunneling Technologies. Thereby creating a network of highly secured systems for the messages to processes when it comes to SMS Sending Software Security.
The BULK SMS Software Can Send Text Message from pc, which includes, Application SMS, Marketing SMS, Group SMS, SMS Campaign, SMS TEXT Marketing as well as be a SMS Reselling tool when it comes to Premium SMS Services

Best Top Features

Some of our distinctive features.


As more and more users are accessing the application from Mobile and Tablets. Our Technology Team has made the Application compatible to mobile using RWD.

User Friendly

Our UI/UX engineers have designed the user interface so as to have minimalistic difficulty in the usage of the application from a user or reseller perspective. .

Unified Communication Platform.

The concept of Unified Communication platform binds together a single web based application for SMS, VOICE, EMAIL, 2 Way SMS, Miss Call Service.

Add ON's

Several Tools which integrates with the unified messaging platform Like, Mobile Recharge, Cost Per Lead, Virtual Receptionist added on to the application to make it the undisputed leader in B2B2C market.


Click To Call, SMS Plugins for website, Recharge on the GO. and Many More Widgets are attached along with the Core Application so as to enable Small Business Houses to Ensure a 360 Degree Solution offering to their customers.

Liveair Market

We Support our Customers in blooming their BiG Idea. Our Partners can sell out the products developed using our platform, To know more on this write to us on


What if there were more features ?

Go Global

Connected to More than 180 Countries on 500 Plus networks and that too on a single Platform

  • Connected to 180 Countries Globally
  • Single click to send message to multiple countries
  • SMPP/HTTP/XML API's Available
  • Start Reselling in Any Country.

On Your Server

If You are looking for complete application for BULK SMS, VOICE, Email Encrypted and installed on your server, then you have come to the Right Place

  • Fully Customized Application on your Server
  • One Year Support and Technical Hand Over if Required.
  • Easy to Manage Control Panel for Managing Back END
  • No Monthly Maintenance Fees

Managed Services

Dont want to have a server and get into the hassle of managing Technology, Don't Worry You can Still do the Business of Technology.

  • Dedicated IP
  • SaaS Model
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Multiple Billing Plans to suite your Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

SMS is gaining the acceptability as the preferred mode of customer service because it has two-way capabilities; it is fast and cheap and is less Time-consuming for the service staff.

It is for sending marketing, alert SMS messages to subscribers, customers, employees, etc. about new offers, products and Initiatives

  • INSTANT: No delay, delivery even if the phone is busy.
  • AUTOMATED: Automatic relay of critical information.
  • TWO-WAY: Instant processing of customer queries
  • COST: Significantly cheaper than other medium
  • ANYWHERE/ANYTIME: Mobile is always in the pocket
  • PERSONAL: Highly effective as communication to an individual
Medium Reach Cost Retention
Television Highest Very High Good
Radio Medium Medium Poor
Internet Banners High Medium Dropping
Email High Extremely Low Extremely Low
Print Media Low High High
Billboard POS/POP Medium Medium Medium
Moving Media Medium High Medium
Telephone Medium High Medium
FAX Low Medium Low
Tandard Mailers High High Medium
Personal Interaction Low High High
SMS High Reach Low Cost High Retention
  • Two-way SMS Service allows you to receive SMS via our website interface / on mobile / Database / Http URL.
  • Mobile Number / Date / Time and Message Content will be the System.
  • Two Way SMS can be used to set an auto response message.
  • SMS can be received by an email.
  • Two Way SMS can be implemented using a long code or a short code
  • NO ADDITIONAL RUNNING OR RECURRING COSTS: Tens of thousands of responses managed automatically via SMS.
  • DISCREET AND MORE USER FRIENDLY: 50% more consumers respond by SMS than a call center.
  • 24 x 7 SERVICE: 60% of responses were handled outside of call center hours.
  • REUSABLE DATABASE OF POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS: 100% of all respondents phone numbers and response is logged automatically.
  • UNIVERSAL: SMS is now a mainstream response.
  • ANYTIME / ANYWHERE: Highly accessible
  • IMMEDIATE: No call center queuing or having to remember a call-to-action.
  • COST: Cheap compared to calling on to a mobile.
  • INFORMATIVE: Quick and easy information.
  • PERSONAL: Discreet, personal data transmitted effectively and personally.

SMS Based Services can be applied for Service Related Process and also for Marketing and Promotions In Automotive Sector, to Read More on How Enterprise Value added Services can be used for Automotive Sector Click Here


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In Courier and logistics sector Mobile Messaging is used for the automation of pick up/ drop and Supply chain automation. SMS and Voice services are also used for promotions. Click here to Know more on detailed information.


IT Systems has enabled Technology into the Education World, by sending out automatic emails and newsletter, but instant Alerting Mechanisms are not available since Most of the Parents are not-net savvy. Where in there will be a high penetration of Mobile Phones SMS based Services is more useful click here to know more


Mobile messaging services empowers the Healthcare institutions to open a personal, cost-effective and efficient communication channel with their customers (patients and doctors). Click here to know mor


Rising competition and inflated salaries resulting the ITES industry to become extremely cost and process efficient. In IT/ ITES Sector Mobile messaging is used for Process management, human resource management and employee logistics Click here to read more


Messaging services empowers the Media & Entertainment to open a personal, cost-effective and efficient communication channel with the customers. To read more Click here


Mobile Messaging services help real estate companies to capture the market by providing time-critical information valuable to buyers and investors. Click Here to Read more.


Mobile Messaging has distinct advantages over the phone, as it is instant, can be automated and one need not wait for the phone line to be free. Click Here to read more.


Mobile based messaging and calling services can be integrated to the existing application products and services across a wide spectrum of industries and Our solution experts will take in your requirements and will provide you with the best of solutions. Why wait? Talk to us now.





  • Up to 100000 9p
  • Up to 250000 8.5p
  • Up to 500000 8p
  • Up to 1000000 7.5p
  • 1000000 Above 7p


Sender ID

  • Up to 100000 9.5p
  • Up to 250000 8.75p
  • Up to 500000 8.25p
  • Up to 1000000 7.75p
  • 1000000 Above 7.375p



  • Up to 100000 40p
  • Up to 250000 35p
  • Up to 500000 30p
  • Up to 1000000 25p
  • 1000000 Above 22p

Need a customized plan ? Get in Touch, we will tailor you one.

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